About Us

Established for over 20 years, Sportfisher is a renown internation angler in Mauritius. The company started in the early 1980 and within years, it grew into a respected and efficient organisation. Sportfisher today possess 4 boats with a trained staff so as to offer to our clients an unforgettable experience in Mauritius.

For an angler, little can compare to the thrill of the chase to get the adrenalin pumping. The roar of the inboard Caterpillar engines, and the scream of tightly stretched line when a marlin or other gamefish has struck the kona, is a pulse-racing experience.

With perfect conditions prevailing throughout the year, the possibilities to fight giant Blue Marlin, Black marlin, Mako sharks, Tuna and many other exciting fish are made available to experienced anglers and beginners through Sportfisher.

Terms and Conditions

Booking of boats

Charters may be booked directly through the website or via telephone or fax (These details can also be found in the contact page). If you are thinking of taking a few days in our peak season, which runs from mid-December through to approxomately mid-April, it is recommended that you make a booking for your charter well in advance. We would say that at least 1 month before you are due to visit the island will assure you the boat and date of your choice. There is always a chance that a booking is available closer to the time than this, but try and get your charter bookings in as soon as you are able to do so.

Deposits and downpayments

We require a 50% deposit of your total number of charter days to confirm any bookings made. Once you have made a booking, and would like to place your deposit to confirm your boat and charters, please contact me for our banking details/fax requirements, so that you may make your payment.

Payment options

Payments for charter may be effected via the following means:

  • In advance through bank transfer, credit card.
  • A bank draft/money order;
  • On the island with travellers' cheques, credit cards (Visa and Master Card) or cash in rupees or foreign currency.

Releasing of fish

In the event of a demand for the release of billfish, Sportfisher is happy to comply with anglers wishing to release their live and *healthy* (after all, what is the point of releasing a fish that has fought long and hard, is exhausted, has literally no life left to live, and will die anyway once its released?) fish after being brought to the boat. Anglers may make their preference for billfish-release known to us before commencing their day's outing.

Please note we do not tag the fish - they are released untagged.


In the morning, transport from the angler's place of stay is provided and must be arranged upon booking. This service is free of charge to our anglers residing in the *immediate* North only. If you are staying further afield, or on the east or west coast, you will need to take your taxi-fare to and from Grand Baie in the north, where we are situated, into consideration.

Sharing of boats

If it happens that there are people who wish to share the cost of the charter, (either half-day, or full-day) eg. one couple looking for two more couples, thereby splitting the cost of the charter, we can arrange that from our office. There are no guarantees that we will be able to find the desired number of people requested - this all depends on other available interested parties who wish to share a boat. Also, sharing a boat can only be organised once the interested parties are actually on the island - We cannot do an advance-booking for those wishing to share a boat.

Crew Tipping

Although this is by no means compulsory, and is entirely at the angler's discretion, any form of tipping the skipper and crew, particularly after a marlin catch, is always very well received by them. This is at the angler's discretion, depending on how happy or unhappy he may be with his crew's performance. We do not get involved with gratuities; We are mentioning it for it is an oft-asked question.